Father's Day weekend.

We had visitors! Grandma Becky, Aunt Dani, Uncle Dustin, Luna, & Jack came to visit. 

Showing his cousins the trains. 
Got a new bike for his birthday. 
The Beanery. 
Mill Creek with Dustin & Dani. 
The Yellowstone.  
Museum of the Rockies.  

Celebrating Father's Day & Presley's birthday at the chophouse. 

School's Out.

Making dinner. 
Animal lover. 
"Secret spot". 

B-boy Banjo, our new kitty. 
Livingston is a dream. 
Mason at his gardening camp. Planting flowers at the pool. 
Headstands everywhere. 
Mama & Papa's garden project. 
Presley breakdancing at the farmers market. 
Civic Center fun!



Big, big woods.

Quick trip to the park. 

Hanging with Papa while he cuts firewood. 


Mason & I went on a little date & found a "secret spot" that we now show everyone because it's the best. 

Flooded boardwalk.